At Civicorps we believe that every young person deserves a high-quality education in a supported and positive environment as well as a career that is rewarding, challenging, and personally fulfilling.  In order to deliver the best services possible for our participants, we are fully staffed with professionals in education, social work, and job training.  All staff are trained in the theories of Trauma-Informed Care, Harm Reduction, and Restorative Justice; with which our programs are aligned.

As the only charter school for adults age 18-26 in the East Bay, we take our work seriously and do all that we can to educate and empower participants to believe in their talents, experience the world beyond their comfort zone, access new opportunities, and create professional networks that will continue to build in their future.

Recognizing the challenges our participants may have already faced, and may continue to face, we provide comprehensive wrap-around counseling services, communication and conflict resolution training, cohort and team building experiences, and support with transportation and nutrition needs. These additional supports are critical to our mission as we reconnect young people to their academic and career goals.