Civicorps is the only program in the East Bay that combines paid job training for in-demand careers with a rigorous, classroom-based high school diploma education for youth ages 18-26.  Youth at Civicorps have the ambition, talent, and perseverance to succeed; what they deserve is personalized mentoring and support as they develop a plan to achieve their goals. Our participants have experienced failures of multiple systems — the traditional school system, the justice system, and the child welfare system. Against a larger Bay Area backdrop of accelerating income inequality, neighborhood displacement, food and housing insecurity, Civicorps’ programs and support services are more vital than ever.  

Based in West Oakland, Civicorps has been transforming lives and landscapes since 1983.  Civicorps’ program model has been developed and refined over nearly four decades.

Our program provides young adults with the tools and supports they need to launch careers that pay a sustainable wage. Because about one-third of our students are parents, their achievements also benefit the next generation and disrupt the cycle of poverty. Through our unique mix of personalized academics, paid job training, trauma-informed counseling, and pathways to college and careers, Civicorps helps resilient youth overcome barriers, cultivate their talents, and unleash their potential.

Civicorps’ successful job training model is supported by comprehensive wraparound services. We employ two Case Counselors  – one MSW and one LCSW – who provide mental health support and help youth connect with community resources. Our support staff assist youth in accessing housing, childcare, and transportation—the costs of which can present major obstacles to youth completing the program. In addition, we offer comprehensive college and job placement support to youth, both while they are in the program and after graduation. 

Despite our region’s persistent inequities, we find that with the right mix of supports and tools, youth can overcome barriers, build family-sustaining careers, and position themselves to become the next generation of leaders.