What's new at the Job Training Center?

A new parking lot!

Stop by and check out the new parking lot at our Job Training Center. We refurbished our parking lot, removing existing pavement and installing new asphalt, restriping new parking lines, and installing a 7′ high heavy grade iron fence and gate. This renovation project will improve safety and security for our trucks.

Brian Hickey, CFO/COO at Civicorps shared this about the project:

“Our new parking, fence and roof greatly improves the working environment, safety and security of our job training facility.  Our staff and Corpsmembers have raved about our old asphalt lot which was riddled with holes being replaced by new asphalt or even reinforced concrete in some areas.  Our old cyclone fence which was leaning and was topped by ominous barb wire has been replaced by a decorative iron fence.  Finally, our old roof which fared poorly in last winter’s downpours  has been replaced by a brand new metal fabricated roof which is both aesthetically pleasing and will be sure to prevent the significant leaks experienced in years past, which in turn protects our interior, prolonging the useful life of the structure.”

The Michaels Organization and Oakland Housing Investors were kind enough to donate the use of their Red Star Lot which is adjacent to the JTC on Mandela.  We used this lot for overnight parking of our job training and recycling vehicles as well as staff and Corpsmember parking during the day.  A huge shout out to them for lending us their property. Thanks for being great neighbors!

Funding for this project was not possible without the support of The Joseph and Vera Long Foundation and Proposition 68. Civicorps appreciates their continued support of our work.

Interested in a site visit and tour of our Job Training Center? Email the Development team at Civicorps at marketing@cvcorps.org!

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