Civicorps operates two social enterprises: Environmental Management and Recycling, which allow us to provide paid conservation job training and internships.

Environmental Management

Civicorps’ Environmental Management Social Enterprise conducts environmental enhancement and mitigation projects for 11 public agency sponsors while providing paid job training for youth who are in our high-school diploma program.

Students work part or full-time, earning $15.06/hr while gaining occupational skills, soft skills, positive work evaluations, attendance and performance awards, and industry-recognized as well as in-house tool certifications, which bolsters their resume and makes their application competitive when seeking positions with partners such as East Bay Regional Parks District or CalTrans.

Students also earn AmeriCorps Education Awards and graduate with anywhere from $1,221 – $5,775 (depending on hours worked) to fund their post-secondary education.

Land management and recycling social enterprises: 398 tons of CRV material collected 156 tons of E-waste collected 119 used oil centers visited 5,967 abandoned tires collected 103 miles of trail construction and maintenance 34 miles of shoreline and waterway improvement 579 acres of wildland fire mitigation 23 acres of habitat restoration 54,121 hours of paid conservation training.


Our Civicorps Recycling social enterprise provides commercial recycling collection services to Oakland businesses while it trains young adults, ages 18-26, to enter truck-driving careers. Civicorps is the only non-profit job training program that has been included in a major city garbage franchise agreement in the nation.

Our Teamster Truck Driver Career Pathway is a free driver training program in the East Bay. This program is built upon a pioneering partnership with Waste Management, Teamster Local 70 Union, and the City of Oakland.

Each year, Civicorps trains 15 young adults, age 18-26, to enter recycling driving careers. Youth engage in a pre-apprenticeship program over 2 – 4 years, earning their Class B Driver’s license while driving our recycling trucks on 6 routes, collecting recycling from 1,200 customers.

Afterwards, our pre-apprentices can enter union apprenticeships at Waste Management, and after two years, they advance to Teamster Union Truck Driving jobs earning a starting salary of $75,000 a year plus a pension. These pre-apprenticeships are a game changer for young adults, their families, and the entire city of Oakland.

Are you a young adult interested in entering our conservation program?

Are you a young adult interested in our Teamster Truck Driver career pathway?





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