Returning Students

Returning Students 2

Civicorps welcomes students who are ready to return to the Academy and continue their journey to earn their high school diploma.

If you have earned your diploma and wish to return to Civicorps, your request will be considered for return to the Job Training Center (JTC) or as a non-JTC intern.

Students must complete the online sign-up form and provide a Return Request, including all the following:

Provide a request in writing answering the following required questions:

  • Name
  • Include your telephone number.
  • Do you currently have your high school diploma?
  • Your request should address the following 4 areas: 
    1. What dates were you in Civicorps?
    2. Why did you leave?
    3. How have you overcome the obstacle(s) that prevented your progress the first time?
    4. What do you hope to accomplish if you are allowed to return?

    Students must submit the Return Request to Civicorps for Appeal Panel review.

    Requests are reviewed on an individual basis.