• Serving youth who are 18-26 years old
  • Serving youth who do not hold a high school diploma

Students start by attending our accredited charter school on a self-designed schedule, gaining the solid academic foundation they need to thrive in our job training program and to prepare for college. Students can select from a full or part-time scholar status, depending on what other commitments they have in their lives outside of Civicorps.


Students also engage in trauma-informed counseling, mindfulness, financial literacy, and college and career counseling.

  • Three full-time, on-site counselors for social services and college advising.
  • Wrap-around services to help all students navigate life challenges in order to achieve excellence.


Upon completion of a baseline of onboarding activities, students can advance to paid job training, earning a starting wage of $14.36 per hour while working full or part-time on crews at our Environmental Management social enterprise.

From the moment they arrive and as they progress through our program, youth receive personalized college and career counseling as they plan their next step after graduation. Our counselors help youth develop job search skills, enroll in college, access financial aid, and secure jobs or internships that will serve as stepping stones to living wage careers.


Students can expect to take the following steps on the path to graduate:

Learning Academy Classroom Instruction 

Job Training and Continued Classroom Instruction

Internships and Professional


Crisis Support

Attendance, Engagement and Academic Stipend

  • Attendance is required in live remote classes and check-ins with teachers.
  • Academic Stipends will be tied directly to weekly engagement for each class you are assigned (ie: receiving “engagement” credit for a class = $25 per class; if you met the engagement requirement in 4 classes = $100 for the week).  Reach out to Bethany with questions about the Stipend.

Meals and Food

Grab-and-Go lunches will be available daily for all working in Recycling and at the JTC.  A pop-up grocery for all Corpsmembers, with produce and dry goods available, will be held at 5th Street every other Thursday from 11:30-3:00.

Case Counseling Services

It’s a scary and uncertain time, and Support Services staff are available to help just as if you were on site. Case Counselors will be reaching out at least weekly to all students to check-in and ensure basic needs are being met (ie: food, shelter, health/hygiene, mental wellness, phone service, etc).  Should a student have questions or concerns, they should reach out JAB, Senior Support Services Manager, at

Students with IEP/504

The Resource Team will continue to support all scholars on their caseload through a variety of mechanisms which align with Individual Education Plans.  The Intervention Specialist and Instructional Aide will support via live Zoom sessions and through one-on-one phone calls, emails, and via text messaging.  The Resource Specialist will be in contact with students to clarify support systems in place during distance learning and to identify outstanding needs. To review Civicorps’ Special Education framework, please click here.


Civicorps is committed to addressing the tech needs of all students.  If you need a Chromebook, let us know and we will obtain one for you as soon as possible.

What resources do you have for English language learners?

Civicorps is dedicated to serving students whose primary language is not English by offering a concurrent program to appropriately meet the needs of the English Language Learner.  English Language Learners will be identified and given support during the enrollment process and transitioned into the Academy according to an individualized plan.