Warriors' Season of Giving Brings Joy & Nutritious Food to Civicorps Families

little boysEvery holiday season, the Warriors select 5 families from the local East Bay Community for their Season of Giving program. This year, two Civicorps families attended and had the opportunity to learn about shopping for nutritious food with two very special Warriors guests and representatives from the nonprofit cooking school 18 Reasons.

The Warriors presented the families with a challenge: to plan a nutritious, well-balanced meal for the whole family and purchase all the ingredients with a budget of only $20.

The families were then paired with a teammate from the Warriors organization who would help them make healthy choices. Our families had no idea who they would be paired with, but were pleasantly surprised to find out it would be one very popular current player and a notable former player – check out the video below to find out who they were!

The Hernandez family ultimately won the challenge by coming the most under-budget with their chicken stir-fry meal plan. All families were gifted a $200 grocery gift card from the Warriors as well as a brand new stainless steel skillet and a chopping board. In the end, the families were grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime experience of shopping with the Warriors!

Check out video clips from the event below:

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