Today, we are fortifying our commitment

Today at Civicorps we are fortifying our commitment to the values that guide our work:

Quality Education for All
We believe that everyone is entitled to quality education.

Each year, we work with over 150 young adults, age 18-26, who are motivated by a fierce desire to earn their high-school diploma. In 2016, we had the highest number of graduates ever (51!) and each day we provide the personalized academics young adults need to cultivate their inner scholar and to achieve their educational goals.

Healthy Environment for All
We believe that everyone deserves to live in a healthy environment.

Last year, our students maintained 45 miles of trails, cleared 66 miles of waterways, and reduced the fire danger for 2,257 acres of forest. More importantly, Civicorps works to create the next generation of environmental stewards through conservation work and outdoor adventure activities, such as backpacking, kayaking, and white water rafting trips.

Strong Economy for All
We believe that everyone deserves the right to work a meaningful job that provides for their family.

Civicorps helps young adults work their first job, gain occupational skills, and advance to internships, pre-apprenticeships, and apprenticeships. We partner with local businesses and unions to forge pathways to high-wage careers and then provides young adults the tools and opportunities to enter those careers.

In the coming years, these values will continue to motivate us to create a deep impact in our local community.

Today – we are asking you to fortify your commitment to Civicorps students.
Donate today and show that you are standing with our students today, and every day, over the next four years.

May our accomplishments be a beacon to all in the days to come,

Alan Lessik,
Executive Director

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