Civicorps Family Campout

Civicorps launched its first annual family campout this spring at Anthony Chabot Regional Park! The beautiful Civicorps community of young and old, came together for a weekend in nature. For many Civicorps students’ children, it was their first time camping. Games were played, the marshmallows went quick, wild turkeys rambled through the campsite, trails were explored, and many, many pancakes were eaten. Everyone woke up together feeling communal and positive. It was an opportunity to share Civicorps’ love of the outdoors with children and to establish connections with parents in authentic ways.

“It reminded me of why I love working for Civicorps and provided an opportunity for me to get to know some of our amazing Corpsmembers and their families.” – Brian Hickey, CFO at Civicorps

We were grateful to have had 9 Corpsmembers families present, as well as 6 staff families. In total, 25 children had a fun-time camping. Thanks to Bay Area Wilderness Training (BAWT) for providing all the camping gear. Enjoy pictures from the camping trip below!

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Together, we made Oakland look good!

Thank you donors! Together, we made Oakland look good! / CivicorpsWe are so grateful for the generous donors who made gifts to support Civicorps. Together, we made Oakland look good!

Over the holidays we raised $54,476 dollars. With your support, Civicorps will serve over 100 young adults and provide:

1,600 hours of education, tailored to students’ individual needs,

1,200 hours of paid job training on real-world work contracts, and

600 hours of trauma-informed case counseling.

This in-depth, individualized support helped 43 students graduate with a high-school diploma in 2014 — we can’t wait to see how many students cross the stage in their cap and gown in 2015!

Because we provide graduates one year of college and career support, 82% of our graduates are still enrolled in college and/or employed one year post-graduation.

Thank you for being a part of this success!

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Helping youth heal. Healing our city.

Hasinnie reading his poetry / Helping youth heal. Healing our city. / CivicorpsHelping Youth Heal

For Hasinnie, it was hard to ignore the violence that surrounded him, snatching up the lives of his peers. His poetry is vibrant with the bleak condition of so many Oakland neighborhoods…

Dying Breed
I’m just a young man with dreams of finishing school.
But the way it is now, we bound to lose because we forgot communication when we learned to shoot.

I’m just sayin’ we shouldn’t have to go this soon. There are more candle lights than graduation balloons.

Like I said, there’s no change unless we straighten up. We end up either in graveyard or in jail lock up.

Did it start because the color of our flesh? I just hope I’m not next.


We need more choices than the graveyard or jail for our young black men.

Civicorps is one of those choices.

Here, young men like Hasinnie can heal from the trauma of the streets while earning his high-school diploma.

This is where you, as a supporter of Civicorps, come in.

Because Hasinnie can’t do it alone.

Your gift funds the Case Counselors who provide trauma-informed counseling as well as the Teachers who lead soul-healing activities.

Together, we can heal Oakland.

Join us.

P.S. Each dollar you donate will be matched by a generous Board Member, so donate now and double your impact!

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I believe in Oakland. I believe in Civicorps.

When a young adult makes the brave choice to change their lives by enrolling in Civicorps, this positive action ripples out into the greater community. By supporting Civicorps, you are not only believing in these brave young adults, but you are also showing that you believe in Oakland — in a positive future for our beloved city.

Why give to Civicorps? / I believe in Oakland. I believe in Civicorps.

Recently, Oakland has become the seed of innovation and people are flocking to our city. At Civicorps, we want to ensure that each person has the opportunity to participate in this renaissance.

Civicorps helps young adults, age 18-26, achieve what they never thought possible — graduating with a high-school diploma and continuing onto college.

Not only do we have a 74% graduation rate, but also one year after graduation, 82% of our graduates are still enrolled in college and/or employed.

The key to our success is that we provide a space for youth to heal from past trauma and to reconnect with their talents and aspirations.

Becoming something great / Why give to Civicorps? / I believe in Oakland. I believe in Civicorps.

We invite you to join this dynamic process by donating to Civicorps. Your generous donation will provide critical supports for our students, such as bus passes, food to take home to their families, college textbooks, and so much more. In addition, each dollar you donate will be matched by a generous donor.

We look forward to continuing this conversation about how, together, we are working to revitalize our city. Until then, please enjoy this video from our students.

Donate Now

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Come see Merchant of Venice!

Come see Merchant of Venice! / CivicorpsMerchant of Venice

Each year, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival’s Midnight Shakespeare program works with Civicorps students for ten weeks to put on a Shakespeare play.

This fall we are proud to present The Merchant of Venice!

Join us on Thursday, November 20th at 7:30 pm
for a performance you’ll never forget!

Lakeside Park Garden Center
666 Bellevue
Oakland, CA 94610

Free event! Family friendly! No RSVP needed!

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Health inequity through the lens of our students

As featured in KQED, Civicorps partnered with medical students at UCSF to create a photography project around the issues of health disparities.

Oakland Youth Focus On Neighborhood Health from KQED News on Vimeo.

Students took photos of different aspects of their communities related to health – whether it be positive elements such as the availability of a park or negative elements like the abundance of trash on sidewalks or the lack of healthy food options.

KQED photo project / Health inequity through the lens of our students / Civicorps

By having students take photos of what they see as relevant to their health as individuals and the impact it has on their larger community we hoped that they would see the different factors that can affect a healthy life.  They then wrote a reflection about their photos and how the photos intersected with their own personal experience living in Oakland.

Read the entire KQED piece here.

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