Teamster Apprentices!

Teamster Apprentices / CivicorpsCONGRATS to our first two Teamster Truck Driving Apprentices at Waste Management: Wulliam and Corey!!

They have graduated from our truck driving pre-apprenticeship program and are on the road to a lucrative union career!

Background on our new Teamster Apprenticeship Program:
Our new city-wide garbage franchise agreement helped us create a training pipeline for youth to enter the Teamsters and Mechanics unions at Waste Management – where in just a few years youth can earn a salary of $70,000/year with a pension.

Thus, our graduates can apply to enter one of our 10 truck driving pre-apprenticeships at our social enterprise or one of 10 additional apprenticeships/internships in partnership with Waste Management of Alameda County that lead to lucrative union jobs.

These new union internships, pre-apprenticeships, and apprenticeships are a game changer for resilient youth and their families as well as the entire city of Oakland.

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