Helping youth heal. Healing our city.

Hasinnie reading his poetry / Helping youth heal. Healing our city. / CivicorpsHelping Youth Heal

For Hasinnie, it was hard to ignore the violence that surrounded him, snatching up the lives of his peers. His poetry is vibrant with the bleak condition of so many Oakland neighborhoods…

Dying Breed
I’m just a young man with dreams of finishing school.
But the way it is now, we bound to lose because we forgot communication when we learned to shoot.

I’m just sayin’ we shouldn’t have to go this soon. There are more candle lights than graduation balloons.

Like I said, there’s no change unless we straighten up. We end up either in graveyard or in jail lock up.

Did it start because the color of our flesh? I just hope I’m not next.


We need more choices than the graveyard or jail for our young black men.

Civicorps is one of those choices.

Here, young men like Hasinnie can heal from the trauma of the streets while earning his high-school diploma.

This is where you, as a supporter of Civicorps, come in.

Because Hasinnie can’t do it alone.

Your gift funds the Case Counselors who provide trauma-informed counseling as well as the Teachers who lead soul-healing activities.

Together, we can heal Oakland.

Join us.

P.S. Each dollar you donate will be matched by a generous Board Member, so donate now and double your impact!

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