Processing through the pain, building hope

Processing Through The Pain

After the decision to not indict the officer that shot Mike Brown in Ferguson, Civicorps staff began preparing to have a day of thoughtful discussion with our students.

Today teachers will lead discussions about the history of friction between law enforcement and communities of color as well as discuss the grand jury decision and the responses by Mike Brown’s parents, President Obama, and the communities of Ferguson and Oakland.

Processing through the pain, building hope / Civicorps

Students will also explore their personal connections by sharing:

What are my feelings about the grand jury decision?

What do I hope for my community?

In addition, our case counselors will be on hand to help students work through any traumatic responses to the events in Ferguson.

As we learned from our Teach-In about the Trayvon Martin verdict, it is critical to provide a safe space for our students to process these events with caring staff, analyze the factors that create and enforce institutional racism, and then brainstorm ways that our youth can be powerful agents of change in their own community.

Together we can work to heal from this traumatic injustice and build a safer community for all.

Processing through the pain, building hope / Civicorps




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Come see Merchant of Venice!

Come see Merchant of Venice! / CivicorpsMerchant of Venice

Each year, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival’s Midnight Shakespeare program works with Civicorps students for ten weeks to put on a Shakespeare play.

This fall we are proud to present The Merchant of Venice!

Join us on Thursday, November 20th at 7:30 pm
for a performance you’ll never forget!

Lakeside Park Garden Center
666 Bellevue
Oakland, CA 94610

Free event! Family friendly! No RSVP needed!

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Health inequity through the lens of our students

As featured in KQED, Civicorps partnered with medical students at UCSF to create a photography project around the issues of health disparities.

Oakland Youth Focus On Neighborhood Health from KQED News on Vimeo.

Students took photos of different aspects of their communities related to health – whether it be positive elements such as the availability of a park or negative elements like the abundance of trash on sidewalks or the lack of healthy food options.

KQED photo project / Health inequity through the lens of our students / Civicorps

By having students take photos of what they see as relevant to their health as individuals and the impact it has on their larger community we hoped that they would see the different factors that can affect a healthy life.  They then wrote a reflection about their photos and how the photos intersected with their own personal experience living in Oakland.

Read the entire KQED piece here.

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Healing Trauma at a Personal + Community Level

On October 17th, Civicorps hosted a one-day health summit where guest speakers spoke to our students about different ways that we experience trauma and then each group brainstormed ways to cope with stressors at both a personal and community level.

Dr. Darlene Hall, our keynote speaker, spoke about inter-generational trauma. Afterwards, students attended two break-out sessions led by a Civicorps student leader and one of the following guest speakers.

  • Physical Health: Jerrell Peters and Brian Burrell, Young Invincibles
  • Psychological Trauma: Dania Sacks March, At the Intersection Wellness
  • Healthy Relationships: Mauro Sifuentes, Family Violence Law Center
  • Substance Abuse: Robert Faltisco, MA, CADCA
  • Trauma-Informed Care at Civicorps: Harris Cox, Mindfulness Coach

The student leader from each break-out session then presented their group’s brainstormed lists of:

  • Personal and community impacts of trauma, and
  • Tools and strategies to mitigate the negative effects of trauma.

Health Summit Presentation / Healing Trauma at a Personal + Community Level / Civicorps

Some student reflections from the summit were:

“I plan to take time to breathe, plan ahead, and stop stressing.”

“This Health Summit makes me want to eat healthier and to walk away when upset.”

“It showed me that health is really important to me, my family, and my community.”

“I am looking forward to changing my life for my own good.”

After the presentations, Civicorps hosted a resource fair where students could speak with local providers and access resources.

Health Fair / Health Summit Presentation / Healing Trauma at a Personal + Community Level / Civicorps

Each student received a travel hygiene kit for participating in the Health Summit, which was proudly sponsored by a grant from the State Farm Youth Advisory Board.To see more pictures from our Health Summit, check out our Facebook Page.

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Protecting Oakland from Forest Fires

Civicorps helps clear brush from Oakland Hills to prevent forest fires / Protecting Oakland from Forest FiresAs temperatures rise, so does the threat of forest fires. Read about how Civicorps is helping to protect Oakland from forest fires!

Bay Area Braces for Heat Wave; Fire Crews Wary
October 1, 2014
by Rick Hurd
Published by the Contra Costa Times

Photos: Volunteers, East Bay Civicorps, and Caltrans team up to manage dry vegetation in Oakland Hills
October 1, 2014

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New Exciting Partnership

This week, Civicorps was granted a landmark contract by the Oakland City Council in partnership with Waste Management and EBMUD. Staring July 1, 2015, Civicorps will collect up to 70 tons/day of organics from 1,400 restaurants, cafes and food service establishments in the City of Oakland with its Class B driver-trainees.

Civicorps will deliver the materials to EBMUD to be converted in to electricity through their anaerobic digester. It will also generate 8 new internships in truck driving, creating pathways out of poverty for Oakland families.

In addition, in partnership with Teamsters Local 70, Civicorps will run a Truck Driving Pre-Apprenticeship Program for these eight new interns that will directly lead into a Teamsters Apprenticeship. Once in the Teamsters Apprenticeship, Civicorps drivers will enter the union as apprentices. Upon completion of the program they will be eligible for Teamster jobs. This will create a direct pathway from our training program to high-paying union jobs.

Read More about this new partnership in the Oakland Post article.

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