Processing through the pain, building hope

Processing Through The Pain

After the decision to not indict the officer that shot Mike Brown in Ferguson, Civicorps staff began preparing to have a day of thoughtful discussion with our students.

Today teachers will lead discussions about the history of friction between law enforcement and communities of color as well as discuss the grand jury decision and the responses by Mike Brown’s parents, President Obama, and the communities of Ferguson and Oakland.

Processing through the pain, building hope / Civicorps

Students will also explore their personal connections by sharing:

What are my feelings about the grand jury decision?

What do I hope for my community?

In addition, our case counselors will be on hand to help students work through any traumatic responses to the events in Ferguson.

As we learned from our Teach-In about the Trayvon Martin verdict, it is critical to provide a safe space for our students to process these events with caring staff, analyze the factors that create and enforce institutional racism, and then brainstorm ways that our youth can be powerful agents of change in their own community.

Together we can work to heal from this traumatic injustice and build a safer community for all.

Processing through the pain, building hope / Civicorps




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