Civicorps December 2019 Graduation

Join us as we honor our talented grads and watch them cross the stage and earn their high-school diploma!

Check out photos from our last graduation.

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A Backcountry Graduation party

The Klamath Crew Celebrates One of Their Own

Earlier this month, we saluted our Spring 2019 graduates as they prepared to walk the stage to receive their high school diplomas.

Here’s a little secret we’ve been keeping: while 19 students graduated on June 6, only 18 walked the stage.

The 19th was working on the Klamath Crew in the Shasta-Trinity Forest. Busy clearing downed trees and widening trail corridors, he missed the graduation ceremony.  He loves to chop firewood during chore time and go on weekend backpacking trips to explore his majestic surroundings. Back in April, we said farewell to this mystery man as he departed for the California Conservation Corps‘ prestigious Backcountry Trails Program. He is none other than Sahsae Robertson, of course!

Though he was physically far from the graduation ceremony, Sahsae was most definitely with us in spirit.  Last Friday, Civicorps’ Job Training Coordinator extraordinaire Steven Addison paid Sahsae a visit to present him with his high school diploma.

The Big Flats Campground Party Zone

The Big Flats Campground at Coffee Creek turned into a festive backcountry graduation party with hamburgers, cake & cookies and rootbeer soda on the menu.  According to Steven, Sahsae’s crew made sure a good time was had by all. Their camp is in a lovely location with a beautiful meadow and surrounded by snowcapped mountains. Steven says Sahsae was “all smiles during his party, playing Coffee Pong and stuffing himself with all the treats folks sent him” via a hand-delivered care package.  His last view of Sashae was of him hiking away at 6 a.m. with his crewmembers for a weekend backpacking trip.  In sum, the man is a happy camper.

What’s the Backcountry Trails Program Like, Anyway?

Lest you think the Backcountry Trails program is ….ahem…a walk in the park, note that Corpsmembers perform physically demanding manual labor in spartan living conditions.  There are no modern conveniences or luxuries (e.g. warm showers, beds, laundry machines, indoor bathrooms and plumbing). Personal electronics are not permitted while in the program.  While in the BCTP, Corpsmembers live and work in remote, isolated settings and personal communication with people outside of the program is extremely limited and infrequent.  In addition to trail work, Corpsmembers participate in regular camp chores, position-related trainings, physical training, daily curriculum and education, environmental awareness, cooperative living skills, and exploration of surrounding wilderness areas. In short, it’s an extraordinary experience, and it’s one during which a graduation party with an outside visitor is a rare treat!

Sahsae will continue serving in the Backcountry Trails Program until late September.  We’re so proud of him, and we can’t wait to see what new adventures he’ll embark upon with his diploma in hand!

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High School Trains Young Adults for Life

Published on School Library Journal by Linda Jacobson on January 21, 2016

High School Trains Young Adults for Life / Civicorps

During her Freshman year Roxanna Elias decided she wasn’t suited for a traditional high school experience. Things seemed chaotic at two different California high schools she attended before trying to earn her diploma through a GED program in Richmond, CA. She felt isolated and didn’t think anyone else shared her struggles.

But as soon as she enrolled in Civicorps Academy, a unique high school attached to a job training program in Oakland, CA, she realized that it didn’t have to be a lonely, frustrating experience. “I saw a big change and I saw the progression really fast,” says 19-year-old Elias. “I can actually become somebody.”

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December Graduation!

December Graduation / CivicorpsGraduation Day

On December 18th, our 18 graduates crossed the stage to earn their high school diploma as the crowd roared with applause for achieving this milestone. Click here to view pictures from the joyful day. Also, check our portrait gallery of our graduates!

“When I stepped onto that stage and looked out to see room packed with people cheering for me, I was blown away! I’ve never felt more supported.”
– Civicorps graduate

Donate today to support our graduates as they take the next step or enrolling in college and securing internships or union apprenticeships!

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6 Students' Journey to Graduation

Students’ Journey

[sg_popup id=”1″][/sg_popup]On December 18th, over 15 students will graduate with their high school diploma. Read how Civicorps helped 6 students reach this milestone and what’s next for these successful youth!

6 Students' Journey to Graduation / CivicorpsDelarrion
Civicorps helped me earn a high school diploma and gave me the opportunity to lead a crew. Through Civicorps, I landed an outstanding job at Schnitzer Steel, where I am working my way to the top.


6 Students' Journey to Graduation / CivicorpsTyneisha
Civicorps has allowed me to continue my education and make a better life for my baby. After I graduate, I am going to community college. I want to study nursing to become a CNA.

6 Students' Journey to Graduation / CivicorpsLouis
Civicorps has made me a better person. It has made me feel more grown, and more accomplished. I feel more motivated because of the staff and everyone who supported me here. After graduation, I am thinking about applying to work for the City of Oakland.

6 Students' Journey to Graduation / CivicorpsTramicsha
Civicorps changed my life. I showed up everyday, I did everything that they told me to do, I was encouraged, and I followed through on everything I wanted to do and said I would do at the beginning. Now, to see myself about to graduate is very exciting and overwhelming but it’s a great success and I’m glad I finally reached it. After Civicorps, I plan to continue to go to college to get my nursing degree.

6 Students' Journey to Graduation / CivicorpsJerome
Civicorps helped me see my real goals and kept my mind focused on them. After graduation, I would like to get a job with CalTrans, or Alameda County Flood Control and build my skills.

6 Students' Journey to Graduation / CivicorpsAlex
I used to depend on other people a lot more, but Civicorps has made me a more independent person. I also really like helping people now. After graduation, I plan on attending college.

Join us for the joyous celebration on December 18th — RSVP today for this free event!

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A Legacy of Achievement


Last Thursday, we celebrated the achievements of our 21 graduates! Each one of them had a unique journey that brought them to this shining moment:

A Legacy of Achievement / Civicorps

“Before I came to Civicorps, I was like a train with no brakes. But here, I became mentally strong and learned to strive for more. Overcoming is a great feeling.” – Jorge

A Legacy of Achievement / Civicorps

“Before coming to Civicorps, I cried a lot not knowing if I could change for the better — I didn’t know how to get there. I’m here now: a successful graduate.” – Reyona

A Legacy of Achievement / Civicorps

“I used to be a ticking time bomb before I came to Civicorps, but now I’ve transformed myself into someone better than I was before. I’m proud of who I’ve become.”        – Robin

A Legacy of Achievement / Civicorps
“Civicorps changed my life and it changed our family.” – Adriane and Felipa, sisters who graduated together

Watch this incredible view where graduates share what this day means to them:

We invite you to share in our legacy of achievement:

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