Outstanding Teacher of the Year!

Our English teacher, Avery Moore, was awarded OUSD’s Charter School Outstanding Teacher of the Year!

How do you make school engaging and relevant for disconnected 18-26 year high school drop outs? Create a space where student voice is heard and honored. Civicorps’ English teacher, Avery Moore, has done that and so much more for our school community. Avery’s quiet, calm, and nurturing spirit has made quite an impact on students, staff, and our school community.

Outstanding Teacher of the Year

He has built up an English/Language Arts program that meets the needs of a diverse range of learning styles and aptitudes. He has put time and energy into creating unique learning opportunities that build on students’ interests, takes them outside of the classroom, and into the “real” world. Through his Children’s Literature seminar, he has forged a partnership between Civicorps and MLK Elementary School. After reading and analyzing a variety of classic children’s stories, Civicorps’ students write and then read their own original stories to elementary school students.

Avery also partnered with UCSF on a photo documentary project on community health issues that culminated with a community “gallery walk” of their work and an NPR video. Seeing a need to help students earn their driver’s license, Avery has used the DMV handbook as text, and then stood in line for hours with students so they can take the test. These are just a few examples of his impact on the students, school, and community.

Having Avery honored as an Oakland Charter School Teacher of the Year has shone a light on all that he brings to our school community — we are thrilled to have him honored!


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