Corpsmember of the Quarter: Jesus Fernandez

Jesus has been able to manage a demanding school schedule on top of his full time position at the JTC. He is one of two Operations Interns, and is excelling. He has a strong work ethic, is reliable, punctual and has great attendance. In his time at Civicorps, he has shown great leadership, is self-motivated and has a positive attitude.

“A winning smile and attitude!”

“Always has a professional attitude!”

– Staff quotes

We are proud of Jesus for his perseverance and dedication. He is expected to graduate June 2020, so we hope to see a lot more of him as he completes his goals!

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Corpsmember of the Quarter: Sharif Ahmad

Sharif is someone who is consistent, punctual, dependable, and above all, has a mature and positive attitude. A natural born leader, his peers and fellow Corpsmembers listen to his counsel, and often ask for his guidance. He is our Job Training Center’s Operation Intern, a position where he has excelled in. 

He is able to tackle assignments by himself with little to no supervision, which has garnered respect from supervisors. Present and in the moment, HE IS HERE TO WERK!

We are proud of Sharif for his ongoing dedication and hard work. 

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Corpsmember of the Quarter: Francis Sanson

Francis exhibits outstanding leadership skills and demonstrates an earnest commitment to service and civic engagement. A dedicated member of the community, he volunteers with homeless shelters on the weekends and in his very first term, has already completed all community service hours required to graduate from Civicorps. Francis sets an excellent example of citizenship for Civicorps and beyond.

A quiet and hardworking, noble leader, Francis is a role model for their cohort and for the entire Civicorps community. Watch out for this young individual because they are undeniably going places!

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Corpsmember of the Quarter: Aaron Chanthavong


Mr. Chanthavong has done an excellent job at using his resources at Civicorps to help launch him into his career path. He is currently an intern at Tech Exchange where he leads the sales of refurbished computers; and he has taken it upon himself to guide, train and make new interns feel welcomed. He is a successful full time college student at Merritt College, earning A’s and B’s. He hopes to graduate with honors as he earns a degree in Computer Science.

Civicorps is delighted to recognize Aaron Chanthavong as Corpsmember of the Quarter for Summer 2018.

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Corpsmember of the Quarter: William Cordova

Civicorps is delighted to recognize William Cordova as Corpsmember of the Quarter for Spring 2018. William goes above and beyond both in and out of the classroom to achieve his goals. He has the intrinsic motivation of a lifelong learner. His eagerness allows him to exceed expectations both in school and on the job. William has perfect attendance and volunteers as a teacher’s assistant. On top of his academic work and job training at Civicorps, William also takes classes at Laney College and began a part-time internship with Tech Exchange. He follows through with his commitments and is a great example of a professional and growth-minded individual.


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Corpsmember of the Quarter: Tyneisha Crooks

Tyneisha Crooks
Tyneisha Crooks

Every quarter, staff select a Corpsmember who demonstrates personal growth, determination to succeed, and achievement in the program to become Corpsmember of the Quarter. For Winter Quarter 2018 (January, February, & March), we honor Tyneisha Crooks.

Tyneisha is a fierce Learning Academy Intern at Civicorps. She helps all students and staff ,and keeps the academy running smoothly. In addition to her internship, Tyneisha volunteers with the student appeals panel and focus groups. For this year’s Shakespeare play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” with just two days before opening night, Tyneisha volunteered to play Hippolyta when a student was no longer available. Her positive attitude kept the show going! Congratulations, Tyneisha!

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