Tackling Homelessness One Tiny Home at a Time

Now, our Corpsmembers are joining the City of Oakland’s efforts to shelter our unhoused neighbors.

Thanks to the Oakland City Council and Council President Nikki Fortunato Bas’ tenacious efforts, a new “co-governed encampment” is being built at an empty lot on East 12th Street.  Our Corpsmembers are helping to construct “tiny home” small shelters designed to be a stepping stone out of crisis and into stability.  The shelters are provided by Pallet, a social purpose company on a mission to build equal opportunity access to housing and employment.

We were very excited to welcome Council President Bas to the tiny home site this week to see the fruits of her labor. And we’re so pleased to be part of a coalition of city partners, longtime neighborhood advocates, and the Housing Consortium of the East Bay helping to transition our neighbors into dignified shelter. We’re honored to support Oakland’s health and vitality, and proud to engage Corpsmembers in this critically important community work.

Our Corpsmembers’ typical day involves heading out with a crew to work as Conservation or Recycling Interns.  They’re out in the field doing fuel load reduction, trail maintenance, running recycling routes, collecting E-waste, learning the trade and earning tool certifications along the way.

Every now and then, a different type of project comes along that allows Corpsmembers to step into special service opportunities. During the spring and summer of 2020, for example, Civicorps answered Governor Newsom’s call for volunteers to respond to the dire increase in food insecurity around the Bay Area. Corpsmembers worked at food banks in Alameda and Santa Clara counties, helping to produce nearly 2 millions pounds of food in the first few months of the pandemic.

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