Succeeding in College

After students graduate from Civicorps, we provide another 12-months of career and college support, and over 70% of our graduates enroll in college. Read about our students’ success!


Succeeding in College / Civicorps

Everything I learned at Civicorps prepared me for college. I never missed a class and was always on time. Not only am I a 4.0 college student, but my remedial English teacher was so impressed with my writing that she gave permission to skip the next level and go straight into College Level English!

I’m so thankful for all of the support I get from Civicorps staff as well as the Hermina Tick scholarship (started by a Civicorps donor!), which allowed me to buy the laptop that I desperately needed for class. I feel like I’m taking all of my success at Civicorps and bringing it to Merritt College, and I know that if I need ANYTHING, Civicorps will be there for me — all the way to graduation.


Lovell at Merritt College Graduation

I would not have made it to college graduation without Civicorps. Mr. Dunn, Yvette, Elaine, and Paul — they were my foundation. If I felt lost, I would come to Civicorps and see so much success, achievement, and potential and it would give me hope.

Now, my achievement as a Merritt College graduate is giving Civicorps grads hope that they can also wear this cap and gown and pass down a legacy of achievement.

As a supporter of Civicorps, you make it possible for us to support students like Vineesha and Lovell. Your donation directly provides crucial funds for our College Counselor and Case Counselor positions as well as financial support for students so they can afford registration fees, textbooks, bus passes, laptops and other needed supplies.

Help us build this legacy of achievement by making a donation to support our graduates as they embark on their college education. Donate Today!

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