A Second Chance Opportunity

A Second Chance Opportunity

By Dennis

One of the first things we learned in our Civicorps orientation is that being here is a “second chance opportunity.”  And if you see an opportunity, you should always take it.  Civicorps gives us opportunities that a lot of places don’t provide, and it has a lot to give.

Before I came to Civicorps I was getting straight A’s at school, I just felt like I wasn’t getting as much support with all the challenges in my life. I became homeless and was shuffling from home to home. I felt teachers didn’t care about the students, and were focused on grades and numbers.They didn’t care about me.

But the teachers here at Civicorps actually advise and help me make plans to succeed, whether it’s assigning extra work or finding a better class schedule for me to get great grades.  I feel like my teachers and counselors really care about me. I am grateful for the transportation, housing and emotional support that has also allowed me to be successful here.

The folks that are advancing with me are like family to me. Civicorps in general is like family to me.  I’ve never seen so much care and loyalty and trust.

And it’s not just about getting my high school diploma; being at Civicorps is also about building my career options.  When I finish the program, I know Civicorps will help me find employment.  Learning skills at the Job Training Center is such good experience to have on my resume.  When you join the JTC, you learn how to operate tools, how to be a leader and you contribute to the good of the whole community in Oakland.

I’m still a straight A student.  A+, actually!  I still need to study hard, and Civicorps is helping me with my challenges.

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