So, You Wanna Be a Park Ranger?

Pop Quiz: which one of these parks has a conservation contract with Civicorps?

a) Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park
b) Vasco Caves Regional Preserve
c) Roberts Regional Recreation Area
d) Las Trampas Regional Wilderness

If you answered all of the above, you are correct – virtual high five!  Civicorps’ Land Management social enterprise operates in all of these public parks and preserves and many more around the East Bay.

Yup, we’re serious about maintaining and improving our parks.

That’s why we’re so excited when our Corpsmembers explore careers in public land management.  This spring, Civicorps is thrilled to support 3 young adults enrolled in West Valley College’s Introduction to Park Management course.

Interning at Civicorps exposed Hector Abarca, Jr. to a potential career pathway in parks management, and he was inspired to take the Intro to Park Management course to build on his growing knowledge of conservation work.  In addition to learning about the history of our national and state parks, Hector enjoys the camaraderie.  Says Hector:

“It’s good to see others [in the class] interested in the same thing; others who want to soak up the same kind of knowledge.”

Before Civicorps, Hector wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his career.  Now, his eyes are open to a potential career path as a park ranger.

Keep on soaking up that fantastic parks knowledge, Hector!

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