Skiing: Have fun falling!

“I’m scared of falling… what if it’s freezing… no Wi-Fi… no showers?!?” These were some of the complaints you heard Corpsmembers worry about weeks prior to our annual ski trip.  But at Civicorps, our attitude is that life is an adventure, you don’t know what it’s like until you try something. So 7 Corpsmembers, finally checked skiing off their bucket list, spending a weekend in Bear Valley and Calaveras Big Trees State Park.  And those complaints became affirmations of accomplishment, triumph, and joy!

I can say that I am not scared! I was racing with Rachel M. [Civicorps staff], she kept passing me and I was trying to go faster, it was so much fun! – Julisa

Skiing is exciting and tiring, but I am really enjoying it! It’s fun going downhill.” – Martha

Thanks to our partnership with Environmental Traveling Companions, Corpsmembers had their first ski lesson where they figured out how to put on skis and how to fall properly. You may ask yourself… “There’s a correct way to fall?” Dangerous falls can lead to concussions, sprained or broken bones. To prevent these injuries, Corpsmembers learned to balance their weight sideways. Crashing or falling is inevitable when learning to ski, so understanding how to fall is important to stay injury-free.

Estefany learning how to fall with her skis.

I kept falling and that itself was fun! They [ETC guides] teach you how to fall properly, so it’s not as scary and because now I know how, I wasn’t hurting myself. – Estefany

Soon after those lessons, Corpsmembers were taking off. It was a beautiful day to go skiing. The sun was out, the sky was clear, the temperature was just right. It was warm enough that folks started taking off layers. At one point, we had a Corpsmember go shirtless.

Corpsmembers participated in a snowball fight, made snow angels, and enjoyed the thrill of going downhill no matter how scary it felt. Check out these videos of Julisa and Anthony!

This is my first time skiing, it’s pretty cool. I really am enjoying the deep snow, it’s just so fantastic. Looking around, surrounded by the trees and mountains, it’s a nice getaway from the city. Even just being in the cabin has been great, we are chill’n playing games like hangman and cards, and it feels good. – Luis

It was a successful winter ski trip, one for the books! For most Corpsmembers, this was their first time seeing snow, but the first time for all to try something new like skiing. Civicorps is pleased to continue and support these outdoor opportunities for Corpsmembers who otherwise would never have these experiences presented to them. Yes, people complained at the beginning, but once we arrived at our destination and skied, the thrill of trying something new surmounted all fusses and fears. Check out more exciting photos and videos!

Anthony snow fighting with Nigel (ETC)
Group photos of Corpsmembers and ETC volunteers


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