Post-Trial Thoughts on George Floyd

While we are heartened by yesterday’s verdict and accountability in the Derek Chauvin trial, we also recognize the jury’s decision cannot bring back the life that was cruelly stolen.  We stand in solidarity with George Floyd’s family, victims of police brutality, and the Black community as a whole. In the wake of the verdict, and the senseless acts of violence against our Black, Brown, and AAPI communities, many of our colleagues and Corpsmembers continue to live in fear and anguish.

Reflecting on the tragic death of Daunte Wright, the gun-mistaken-for-a-taser story is all too familiar as we are reminded of Oakland’s own, Oscar Grant.  This is yet another cruel reminder that the systemic racism within the policing system is impacting our Black and Brown friends and family, who do not feel safe.

At Civicorps, we are committed to our mission of uplifting young people and providing them with the skills and networks needed to reach their college and career goals. We provide the safe place and holistic services to help youth deal with trauma, build upon their positive assets, and pursue their dreams. Our work is rooted in the belief that education and workforce development are powerful tools to promote racial and economic equity. In addition, we are committed to looking at our internal processes, personal identities and organizational culture in order to move the dial on diversity, equity, and inclusion and to work to combat racism and racist practices.

To our BIPOC and AAPI partners, Corpsmembers, and colleagues, we see you, we hear you, and your lives and dreams matter.





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