Got E-Waste? We Got You.

Conservation, youth development, education and job training.  These have been the key components of Civicorps’ mission since 1983, with our Recycling program added in 1987.  Did you know that we added E-waste collection to our Recycling services in 2017?  Civicorps collects old or broken electronics and disposes of them responsibly so that no toxic metals or chemicals seep into the soil at recycling or garbage sites.  Our fabulous team, led by E-waste Coordinator Tarkan Guldur, collected a whopping 150 tons of E-waste last year.  

A couple years ago, Civicorps started donating old computers and laptops we’d collected to Tech Exchange, which refurbishes and redistributes technology to support digital equity for low income communities.  We quickly saw an opportunity for Corpsmembers to learn new skills, and created paid internships at Tech Exchange.  As Joel Peña, Director of Sales and Support at Tech Exchange said in 2019:

“The partnership with Civicorps and Tech Exchange is an example of how two nonprofits can work together to address climate goals and workforce development. Civicorps Recycling recycles our IT assets from East Bay industries. And by hosting two Civicorps interns, we equip them with IT skills. We look forward to continuing this exciting and ongoing partnership!” 

In July 2020, thanks to a generous grant from StopWaste – a public agency reducing waste in Alameda County – Civicorps doubled the number of paid internships at Tech Exchange.  I’m proud to share this grantee spotlight on StopWaste’s website.  As Rachel Eisner, our Director of Development and Communications said:
“The grant funding allows us to make a difference on several levels. Our Corpsmembers learn job skills that are in high demand, we are helping bridge the digital divide among Oakland students, and we’re extending the life of computers, saving resources and preventing e-waste. We’re so grateful to StopWaste for partnering with us.”

So if you’ve got E-waste, you can not only dispose of it responsibly, you can take pride in knowing that you are supporting a cleaner environment and job training for East Bay youth!

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