Four Soon-to-be-Grads Reflect on Their Time at Civicorps

With 26 graduates, this is gearing up to be the largest December graduation we’ve ever had! Read the stories of four soon-to-be grads below and join us for the graduation ceremony on December 15th.

Jairo – “They knew I was capable of more.”

jairoMy friends encouraged me to come to Civicorps because they didn’t think I was living to my full potential.

They knew I was capable of more, but I didn’t see it in myself at first. Once I started coming to Civicorps and doing well in school, I finally could see what they were talking about.

At the JTC I did especially well so I stepped up to become a crew leader. I wanted to help motivate others like my friends had helped me.

My dream after graduation is to carry on the family tradition of working in a cement mason’s union.

I would like to help my family buy a house in a safer neighborhood so my baby brother can have a better childhood.

Thanks to Civicorps, I can continue gaining new skills and helping my family out until I’m ready to go to work in the union!

Kathleen – “I see college in my future.”


Waking up on time for school and focusing in class used to seem impossible before Civicorps. Diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, I dropped out of school at 16.

I wanted to give up on school altogether and just focus on working, but when I had my daughter, Camila, all of that changed. I wanted to be the kind of parent who could sit with her at the kitchen table and help her with her homework.

Starting at a new school made me nervous. What if I fell into the same patterns here? But Civicorps was different. They understood my challenges and I felt like the teachers genuinely cared about the personal struggles I was dealing with.

I’m looking ahead now and I see college in my future; I plan on taking classes at Merritt College and then transferring to a four year school to study computer science. Thanks to Civicorps, I’m creating a life my daughter can be proud of.

Escaria – “My new dream is to be financially independent.”


When I was younger all I could think about was being a professional skateboarder. I would skip class and spend the entire day at the skate park, working on my tricks. People said I was good, but deep down I knew that there would always be someone who could skate better.

One day I woke up and realized that I needed to finish my diploma and start gaining real job skills – in case the whole professional skateboarding dream didn’t work out 😉

Now that I’m graduating, my dream has changed a little. I still love skateboarding and practice every weekend, but my new dream is to be financially independent.

Civicorps has helped me to become independent by giving me a job while I‘ve been in school. They helped me get my driver’s license, and I know they will help me apply for college so I can become an auto mechanic. Working on cars is the next best thing – after skateboarding, of course.

Jessica – “I can achieve anything.”


I came to Civicorps because I wanted to show my kids that I was able to earn my high school diploma. When they see me walk across the graduation stage, they will know that they can do it too!

After I graduate I want to go to college and become a registered nurse in the obstetrics department. I already obtained a certification to be a Licensed Vocational Nurse before Civicorps, but I realized I needed my high school diploma to go further in my career.

Obtaining my diploma tells me that I can successfully reach my other goals: to work in a hospital and buy a house. I know it’s not going to be easy, but I’m going to do it for my family – after Civicorps, I feel like I can achieve anything I set my mind to!


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