A Note from Alan: 10 Days Later...

It has been 10 days since the election, and like a lot of you, I have been at times overcome with questions about the future, worries about safety, and feelings of fear and uncertainty.

Many of us have been thinking about what we might lose in the coming years. But the reality is that our students at Civicorps are still struggling to attain the basic rights and opportunities we take for granted:

• A high quality and rigorous education
• A community that is free of violence
• Adequate food each day
• A meaningful job that can sustain a family

I want to tell you today that no matter what happens on the national scale, Civicorps will continue to help our students learn, prepare for careers, and have a place to dream.

Civicorps will continue to be a safe haven where our students can cultivate their unique talents. We will be here creating opportunities for our students to achieve the same prosperity that we wake up to each day.

On November 9th, every staff member came to work re-dedicated to transforming the conditions that create barriers to productive lives. As we enter the holiday season, we will be calling on you – our supporters – to donate to Civicorps and carry on the life-changing work we do.

At this moment, our students’ excitement is building as they learn that they will graduate on December 15th. I invite you to share in this positive vision of the future as we fortify our mutual commitment to the youth we serve and the city we love.

This is my dream. And I am asking you to join me in transforming dreams into opportunities.

Donate today – even just $25 – to show that you are standing with our students. They need your support, now more than ever.

May our accomplishments be a beacon to all in the days to come,

Alan Lessik
Executive Director

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