Civicorps Offers High-School Dropouts a Second Chance

Civicorps Apply Now / Civicorps Offers High-School Dropouts a Second ChanceHigh-School Dropouts

Published in the Oakland Tribune by Scott Johnson on April 4, 2013

This in-depth look at Civicorps’ effective education and job training program highlights our use of trauma theory to understand how our students’ past trauma influences their behavior. Our staff then provides the support services youth need to address the root issues.

“We do a lot of hand-holding, a lot of encouragement, teaching them what’s important about life, about friends, about jobs,” said Rodney Dunn, an administrator and a Civicorps graduate. “With a lot of these kids, something happened along the way that prevented their success, so part of our job is asking: What happened?”

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