I believe in Oakland. I believe in Civicorps.

When a young adult makes the brave choice to change their lives by enrolling in Civicorps, this positive action ripples out into the greater community. By supporting Civicorps, you are not only believing in these brave young adults, but you are also showing that you believe in Oakland — in a positive future for our beloved city.

Why give to Civicorps? / I believe in Oakland. I believe in Civicorps.

Recently, Oakland has become the seed of innovation and people are flocking to our city. At Civicorps, we want to ensure that each person has the opportunity to participate in this renaissance.

Civicorps helps young adults, age 18-26, achieve what they never thought possible — graduating with a high-school diploma and continuing onto college.

Not only do we have a 74% graduation rate, but also one year after graduation, 82% of our graduates are still enrolled in college and/or employed.

The key to our success is that we provide a space for youth to heal from past trauma and to reconnect with their talents and aspirations.

Becoming something great / Why give to Civicorps? / I believe in Oakland. I believe in Civicorps.

We invite you to join this dynamic process by donating to Civicorps. Your generous donation will provide critical supports for our students, such as bus passes, food to take home to their families, college textbooks, and so much more. In addition, each dollar you donate will be matched by a generous donor.

We look forward to continuing this conversation about how, together, we are working to revitalize our city. Until then, please enjoy this video from our students.

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