6 Students' Journey to Graduation

Students’ Journey

[sg_popup id=”1″][/sg_popup]On December 18th, over 15 students will graduate with their high school diploma. Read how Civicorps helped 6 students reach this milestone and what’s next for these successful youth!

6 Students' Journey to Graduation / CivicorpsDelarrion
Civicorps helped me earn a high school diploma and gave me the opportunity to lead a crew. Through Civicorps, I landed an outstanding job at Schnitzer Steel, where I am working my way to the top.


6 Students' Journey to Graduation / CivicorpsTyneisha
Civicorps has allowed me to continue my education and make a better life for my baby. After I graduate, I am going to community college. I want to study nursing to become a CNA.

6 Students' Journey to Graduation / CivicorpsLouis
Civicorps has made me a better person. It has made me feel more grown, and more accomplished. I feel more motivated because of the staff and everyone who supported me here. After graduation, I am thinking about applying to work for the City of Oakland.

6 Students' Journey to Graduation / CivicorpsTramicsha
Civicorps changed my life. I showed up everyday, I did everything that they told me to do, I was encouraged, and I followed through on everything I wanted to do and said I would do at the beginning. Now, to see myself about to graduate is very exciting and overwhelming but it’s a great success and I’m glad I finally reached it. After Civicorps, I plan to continue to go to college to get my nursing degree.

6 Students' Journey to Graduation / CivicorpsJerome
Civicorps helped me see my real goals and kept my mind focused on them. After graduation, I would like to get a job with CalTrans, or Alameda County Flood Control and build my skills.

6 Students' Journey to Graduation / CivicorpsAlex
I used to depend on other people a lot more, but Civicorps has made me a more independent person. I also really like helping people now. After graduation, I plan on attending college.

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