Donor Program

By financially supporting Civicorps, you are part of team of passionate people who are committed to helping all youth enter colleges and careers.

This success ripples out into our community creating a prosperous city where, together – we all can flourish. Join us in our bold mission by donating at one of the following levels.

Roots of Success Donor Program

$25 Core Support
$25 pays for one student to eat lunch for a week. Many times this is their only meal.

$50 Bedrock Support
$50 pays for one career pathway training book. Training to enter Computer Information Systems, Legal, Construction, Truck Driving, or Mechanics careers that provide life-long prosperity.

$100 Pillar Support
$100 pays for one Job Training uniform. To advance to job training and finally get to wear the Civicorps uniform is moment of pride for our students.

See how your gift grows…

A Powerful Spark Donor Program

$250 – $499 Innovative Idea
All movements start with an innovative idea – a powerful spark that ignites social change.

$500 – $999 Ripple Effect
The changes that result from this innovative idea ripple out into the community.

$1,000 – $2,499 Community Transformation
As the community receives an influx of positive social change, it begins to heal and transform.

$2,500 – $4,999 Culture Change
As each new community is transformed, it magnifies the impact to create a culture change that has the power to shift dynamics and open doors.

Legacy of Achievement Donor Program

$5,000 + Legacy of Achievement
This culture change creates new opportunities that allow all youth to access the education and job training they need to create a legacy of achievement that spans generations.

Together, we make Oakland look good.

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