Civicorps' charter renewed until 2022

In 1995, Civicorps deepened our commitment to providing high-quality education by becoming a certified charter school. Last week, our charter was unanimously renewed until 2022!

Civicorps staff and students gave a powerful presentation in front of the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) board last month, which included testimony from two students, Portoshia and Jorge:

“I’m a former foster youth and a mother. What I love about Civicorps is that they are family-oriented, always motivating students to prosper, and wanting to see students go beyond the ‘corps.”
– Portoshia

“I dropped out of high school during my junior year due to negative influences in my life. After eight years of trying to restart my education, I enrolled in adult school, but it didn’t provide me with the support I needed to succeed. Here I stand and proudly say that Civicorps is my second home.”
– Jorge

Civicorps was heartened to see the OUSD Board of Directors’ belief in our educational program:

“They are empowering young folks whom a lot of folks in society have written off,” said James Harris, Board President, “but the [youth] are winning at this school.”

Even one of the speakers who attended the meeting to voice opposition to charter schools made a statement in support of Civicorps: “If I was to endorse any charter schools, this would be the one I’d endorse. The work they do is the work that was intended [for charter schools]…to fill in the gaps where the bureaucracy isn’t cutting it or meeting the needs of the students.”

“It felt incredibly gratifying to hear the comments from the board and members of the community,” said Civicorps Deputy Director Tessa Nicholas. “It reminded me of why the work we’re doing is so important.”

At 10pm, Civicorps’ charter renewal was unanimously approved until 2022. Civicorps is grateful to continue our work of providing quality education and supportive services for Oakland’s highest need students. With a graduation rate of 72%, we will help young adults achieve what they never thought possible: graduating with a high school diploma and continuing on to college.

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