Executive and Financial

Alan Lessik
Executive Director
(510) 992-7842

Erica Brown, HR/People Manager

Brian Hickey
Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer
(510) 992-7838

Wendy Wang, Controller
Vu Dinh Lee, Senior Accountant
Imie Lam, Payroll and Revenue Specialist
Rosario Morales, Junior Accountant/Customer Service Rep.
Cornelius Shields, Office Manager

Joycelyn Bishop, IT Manager

Tessa Nicholas
Deputy Director
(510) 992-7853

Civicorps Academy

Dr. Tyfahra Singleton, Ph.D.
Head of School

Erica Webb, Social Studies Teacher
Avery Moore, English Teacher
AaKash Desai, Science Teacher Tech Lead
Celeste McDaniel, Math Teacher
Lauren Hoernig, Resource Specialist
Katrina Lashea, PT Health & Wellness Teacher
Nicole Holt, PT Intervention Specialist
Amy Raridan, Academy Compliance Specialist
Johanna Lynch, Food Program Coordinator
Kerrin McKenney, Jesuit Volunteer
Matthew Walker, IT/IA Intern

Support Services
Joseph Billingsley, Support Services Manager
Natasha Vinakor, Lead Counselor
Aaron Smith, Case Counselor
Belinda Perez, Housing and Support Specialist
Alyssa Wong-Conway, College Counselor
Yvette Arroyo-Agredano, Career Pathways Coordinator
Matthew Norona, Career Counselor
Rodney Dunn, Dean of Students
Bethany Rivard, Student Outreach Associate

Job Training

Adam Cope
Job Training Manager
(510) 917-6979

Sergio Brambila, Operations Coordinator
Keith Tibbetts, Data and Outcomes Specialist
Monique Williams, Job Training Coordinator
Jeff Chilcott, Job Training Supervisor
David Murphy, Job Training Supervisor
Chris Newcomb, Job Training Supervisor
Antoine Penn, Job Training Supervisor
Christian Rivas, Job Training Supervisor
Marisela Saeteurn, Job Training Supervisor
Grace Donnelly Assistant Supervisor


Hector Abarca, Operations Manager
Jim Madden, Recycling Coordinator
Mafi Fatai, Recycling\E-waste Supervisor
Toni Morgan, Administrative Assistant


Shannon Bowen
Director of Development &Communications
(510) 992-7840

Gidalthi Gonzalez, Grants and Compliance Manager
Diana Casanova, Development Manager
Brandy Burke, Data & Grants Associate
Jessica Gardezy, Communications Specialist

Here, I feel like I matter to the staff.”
– Shardee, Civicorps Graduate, Class of 2012